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Falcon 853 Glue stains remover

Category: Electronic cleaning series
Brand: Falcon

Product Description

853?glue stains remover It is made of high-quality solvent oil, with strong cleaning ability and fast volatilization. This product has a spray effect on OCA sol, double-sided adhesive, self-adhesive and other adhesives. Products are suitable for repair of burst smartphone screen, such as iPhone, HTC, Samsung, etc., can quickly remove OCA sol, without damaging the electronic screen. ?For those with a lot of residue, such as polarizer and apple cover plate, dust free cloth can be used to cover the rubber layer and spray an appropriate amount of 853,30 seconds after the dust free cloth is wiped off, and then Falcon 530 can be cleaned.?


Recommended Application

This product is suitable for dissolving and removing all kinds of grease, OCA optical adhesive, double-sided adhesive and self-adhesive.


Product Advantages

●?excellent solubility, quickly remove OCA sol, double-sided adhesive, adhesive, such as viscose;

●?Fast volatilization speed, volatilization clean;

●?no corrosion on the metal surface;

●??good safety performance, spray tank deformation and blasting pressure are in line with national standards;

●?effectively ensure that products comply with ROHS environmental protection instructions from beginning to end;

●?Manufacturers through the ISO9001 quality management and ISO14000 environmental management system certification.


Typical Data

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Test Way


Typical Data


ASTM D1298


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Visual Inspection


Colorless and transparent

Motion viscosity




Internal Pressure




Emission Rate





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Product model 853
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 550 ml / pcs
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