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Structure Of Pultrusion Mold

Pultrusion mold is one of the necessary equipment in the production process of the glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and it has the key function to the production of FRP products. It is mainly composed of two parts, the pre forming system and the forming mold. Two parts of the production process are different, in the entire pultruded products production process in the role is not the same. Instruction is as follows:

Preforming system: in the process of pultrusion, glass fiber reinforced plastic (or other reinforcing material), after entering into the molding tool, must pass through a set of guiding roving components of the mold pre forming, the role is to dip into the fiberglass, in accordance with the profile section configuration form, and gradually form the shape and size of the mold cavity, and then into the glass fiber reinforced plastic, so that the product can ensure uniform.

II forming mold: the ratio of cross-sectional area and cross-sectional area of forming die is greater than or equal to 10, in order to ensure that the die has enough strength and rigidity, and the heat distribution is uniform and stable. The length of the extrusion die is determined by the speed of traction and the curing speed of the resin in the process of molding. Die steel is generally used in the surface of the plating process, the mold cavity surface requires smooth, wear-resistant, in order to reduce the tension of the friction force and improve the service life of glass mold.

Forming die can be divided into two types of integral forming mold and combined type forming mold according to the structure form. The whole die is made from whole steel, and it is generally applicable to bars and tubes. The combination forming die has the upper and lower die and the lower die. This type of mold is easy to process, can produce a variety of types of profiles, but the surface of the products are traces of traces.

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    Pultrusion mold is one of the necessary equipment in the production process of the glass fiber...